Time is money, they say…or is it sacred?

The dictionary defines “sacred” as,

“Connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration.”

We think of many things as sacred.

There’s sacred space – such as a churches, sanctuaries, or the space around an altar.

There’s also sacred objects – such as the Bible, the chalice, the cross, or icons.

But, there’s also sacred time. This is time we set aside in our lives to pray, to worship, and to supplicate God.

Often, we think of Sunday mornings as sacred time, but more and more, our society treats time by a modern concept…“ consumerism.”

Time is money, they say, and we need to utilize it in such as a way as to make our time, our lives, most profitable.

In this sense, time is just another commodity to be manipulated to fit our interests. We treat it as a “thing.”

However, the Church begs to differ. Time is not a thing, a product to be used and thrown away.

Time is sacred, and the dictionary reminds us, “sacred” is a means of being “connected to God.”

The Psalmist promises to make his time sacred,

“Seven times a day I praise thee for thy righteous ordinances.” (Psalm 119:164 RSV)

Why? Because the Psalmist is looking for a connection to God, what we, as Orthodox Christians, call theosis or deification.

Sacred time forms a union with God; sharing in his life.

So, yes, time is sacred.

Time is a way to connect with God to share in his blessings…his life. What could be more important?

How can you make time more sacred?

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Sacred Time

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